Even at the age of 43, Zehroon, mother of 3 children is enthusiastic and keen to learn reading and writing. She is good in stitching and has made a number of articles for Hamari Kaksha to earn money. We display and sell these items at our exhibitions.

Satish is a class 10th student and is very good in studies. He is very courageous and has never let his disability prelude him from taking part in various activities. He said. ma’am, don’t look at me with sympathy, just treat me like an ordinary student.” We at Hamari Kaksha salute his courage.

Shankar is a class 2nd student and his mother is the only earning member in his family. His father left them 2 years ago. When he initially joined us, he used to fight with everyone and was always using abusive language. But slowly and steadily he has improved and now takes interest in various activities and interacts more warmly with other kids. Its just amazing how he has changed himself.

Manjeet is a class 5th student. He came to Hamari Kaksha when he was in the 1st class. He used to be very naughty, disobedient and used to steal things from his home and from the classmates. Now, with love and affection he has transformed himself, become very obedient and is the monitor of the class.

Furkaan is a class 3rd student. His initial demeanour, was very notorious, talkative and always ready for a fight and refused to sit at one place. But the efforts of the teachers and senior students has had a huge influence on him. He has become a very well behaved boy.

Roshni is a non-school student but is studying in class 6th in Hamari Kaksha. Till last year she was a regular student but now she has started working as a maid and helping her parents with their livelihood. She is a very bright student and comes to school whenever she gets time to learn and finish her lessons in the hope to do something more in future.

Renu is a non-school student but at Hamari Kaksha she is in class 7th. She has been studying with us for the last 2 years and is a quick learner. It has been hard for her as she is the only bread earner in her family with two younger brothers and a bed ridden mother. From morning to afternoon she sells name beads at Mansa Devi Temple and whatever she earns from that spends on her family.

Sunil is a non-school student and at Hamari Kaksha he is studying in 9th class. He will appear in 10th class from open school. His parents expired when he was just 4 years old and went to regular school till 7th class. Now for the last few years he has been coming to HK and working at IT Park and earning his livelihood. He participates in almost all activities be it dance, theatre or sports.

Vikram joined us in October 2012 as a teacher after finishing 12th class. He was unable to pay his college fees due to his family’s poor economic condition. On seeing his keenness and sincerity towards studies, HK supported him for his graduation . Today not only has he completed his Post Graduation but is also planning to pursue his PhD.