Hamari Kaksha by the name signifies love and affection our team has for the development of underprivileged children, it was great experience working with teachers and volunteers who collaboratively focus for the growth and development of India by targeting a marginalized population. — Dharmesh Meena

I was a volunteer in Hamari Kaksha for one year 2015-2016. I still remember the first day I met my students, the happy curious faces. The staff and children gave me a warm welcome. And in no time we were like a family. Teaching them was always interesting as they always had eagerness to learn. Hamari Kaksha not only focusses on a student’s academics, it also gives importance to extra curricular activities. Hamari Kaksha gave me so many beautiful memories that will be with me all my life. Thank you Hamari Kaksha 🙂 — Sakshi Pandey

Days come and go but what really matters is if you make those days count. Each day that I spent at Hamari Kaksha counted. I slept with a feeling of satisfaction. Before I started volunteering I had a fear of voicing my own opinion. I thought it was something no one really cared about but as I saw the tiny tots paying attention to each and every detail of what I would teach in the class I gained confidence about my own abilities. So more than the experience being my way of doing something for others, it became a way of doing something for myself. Whenever a little child came and told me about his achievements or scores, I would feel satisfied that I contributed to a change. So it would be an understatement to say that it was a once in a lifetime experience to volunteer with Hamari Kaksha — Sarvnipun

I joined Hamari Kaksha almost a year ago, since then it has been one of the best experiences of my life. Children here are so hard working and extremely talented that interacting with them itself brought me new findings. In addition to this, entire HK staff is always engaged in its endeavours of grooming these children in every possible aspects of life. I sincerely thanks Jyoti mam and Anuradha mam for having me as a part of this initiative. — Tushar Agrawal